How to deal with a passive aggressive partner

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How to deal with a passive aggressive partner

Every relationship deals with a rough patch every now and then. During those times, it is important to sit and talk about what is bothering you. This is the way adults should use in case of conflicts. However, there are some people who like to avoid the direct confrontation and chose to act in a passive-aggressive manner. This means that instead of addressing the issue, they resort to indirect insults, sarcasm and taunts. This way they will show you that you are at fault without opening up about it. It is a very childish and condescending approach towards the relationship. So, let’s find out how to deal with it. (Also read: What are the reasons that people fall out of love)

Think about the cause
If you feel that your partner is acting in an unusual and sarcastic manner then you must think of the reason for it. What has changed between you two that can lead to this behaviour? If you have thought of the cause, get ready to talk of it.

Be straight and blunt
If your partner is simply being rude towards you, then the simple way to deal with it is to be blunt. Make sure that you are not beating around the bush, just address the issue right away. (Also read: Why your sister is the most important person in your life)

Tell them how it is affecting you
The best way to confront the partner is to tell them how their actions are hurting you. This way you can start an honest and open dialogue about the relationship.

Understand why they do it
There must be a reason that your partner behaves in such a manner. So, talk to them and get to know the reason for the same.

Think of a way out
If you feel that your partner is always passive-aggressive about the relationship, then the best way is to sit down and find a solution that suits you both. Emotional maturity is important to make a relationship work.(Also read: What are the things that determine the future of your relationship)

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