Dating tips: Why some men do not get attracted to you

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Why do some men do not find some women attractive

Some men fail to get attracted to certain women because of various reasons

Dating tips: If you are failing in the field of romance and you are worried why no man gets attracted to you, then you are at the right spot. The thought, that no one gets attracted to you, is enough to lower your self-confidence and self-esteem. Eventually, you part your ways from the rest of the people. If you are getting failed in love again and again, then you must take out some time for yourself to think, what the real issue is. However, the people you are trying to build the relationship, might not be the right ones, or there must be something wrong with how you are dealing with them. Let’s discuss what are the various reasons which do not attract men towards you. (Also read: What Are The Behaviors That Make You Irresistible)

What are the various reasons because of which a man does not get attracted to a woman?

  • Poor hygiene
  • Mentioning your Ex in everything
  • Finding the negative behind every good thing
  • Lack of smile on the face
  • Finding reasons to get angry

Poor hygiene
Your poor hygiene might be the reason that you are unattractive. Women should take a special care of their hygiene. Bad breath, poor body odour, unhealthy smile etc. makes a man run away from a woman. (Also read: What Are The Personal Hygiene Tips That Every Woman Should Follow)

Mentioning your Ex in everything
No man likes the fact that their female partner keeps on mentioning their Ex-boyfriend in everything. It shows you are not over of your ex-partner and you are still thinking about him. Thus, this is the prime reason why a man does not find you attractive. (Also read: How to forget your ex-partner completely forever)

Finding the negative behind every good thing
Women with negative minds are not attractable at all. If you always try to find the negative behind every good thing, then staying with you is quite difficult.

Lack of smile on the face

Men find some women unattractive
Some women never smile and always remain negative, which is why men do not get attracted to them.

A woman’s smile is enough to attract the man towards him. If you hardly smile or remain depressed always, you distance the man from you. It’s not that you always have to fake the smile. However, smiling at times works like a magic. (Also read: How to make your partner smile in the morning)

Finding reasons to get angry

Why can't some men get attracted to a woman
Some women always remain angry and this fails a man to get attracted towards them

Women are usually habitual of getting angry even at the smaller things. If you always try to find a reason to get angry at every little thing, then no man will like to get associated with you.

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These are some of the reasons why men do not get attracted to some women. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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