Why your dates don’t turn into a relationship

Why your dates don't turn into a relationship

When you start dating you enjoy the casual ambience and the fun experience. However, in the long run, you want to be with someone who is not a fleeting one time experience, someone you can count on, some you can share your life with. That is why you crave for a meaningful relationship. For this, you have to take your date to the next level. It is not that easy. Often you must have experienced that your dates never turn into something meaningful. Therefore, it is important that you figure out the reason for the dry spell. Let’s find out! (Also read: What are the most important rules to follow when you move in together)

You don’t put in efforts
Relationships don’t happen magically. You have to put in efforts and hard work into them. So, if you think that things will happen for you on their own, then you are wrong. You have to be equally interested and dedicated to making things work.

Come off as rude or arrogant
The way you behave on the first day, tells a lot about the way your connection will work out. If you are constantly arrogant and rude towards the people around you or you disrespect your date. Then, that might be a reason nothing works out for you. (Also read: What things you should tell your partner every day)

You send mix signals
When you are dating you have to clear about what you want. If you are constantly sending mix signals then it will be a red flag for your dating partner. If you want to have something meaningful or exclusive, say it.

Too clingy or needy
Everyone wants to self-dependent nowadays in terms of career, life, finance etc. So, a clingy partner can be upsetting. So, don’t come across as too needy. Be your own person.

You don’t have the time
If you are somebody who is constantly juggling multiple roles, then it is clear that you can’t find time to make a relationship work. So, before you dive into something serious, make sure you have the time for it. (Also read: What Are The Signs That She’s Not Worth The Efforts You Are Putting)

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