Crush on someone: How to restrict yourself from having a crush on someone

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Crush on someone: If you have a crush on someone, you must first think about yourself.

Crush on someone: Restricting or preventing yourself from having a crush on someone is quite difficult. It is even more difficult to get over your crush. No matter how hard you decide, that one person is always in the back of your mind. This makes it difficult for you to get rid of the feeling of not having a crush or like someone anymore. It all starts with the single arrow of hope and it leads to multiple heartbreaks. It becomes extremely difficult for you to come out of the disastrous state. Thus, there are some tips which will help you to get away or over from your crush. (Also read: What are the creepy things you shouldn’t do when you have a crush)

Crush on someone: How to stop yourself from having a crush and going near them?

  • Stop thinking about them
  • Stop thinking about love
  • Be logical
  • Distance yourself
  • Think about yourself

Stop thinking about them

Ways to get over your crush
Crush on someone: One must try to avoid the person whom they have crush on.

The foremost rule to get over your crush is to stop thinking about them. You have to control your feelings and emotions towards them. Try to distract your mind from some fruitful thing.

Stop thinking about love
When we think too much about love and getting into a relationship, we often tend to think about a particular person. One must not celebrate the idea of love for a particular time period and should try to get involved in other productive things.

Be logical
It’s time you must grow up and be logical in your approach. If they do not like you back, move on and stop thinking about them.

Distance yourself
If your crush remains around you, it will become hard to cope up with the feeling of love. Thus, one must try to distance himself/ herself where your crush is present.

Think about yourself
No one else can think about you and your well being other than you, yourself. So, pay importance to yourself and your goals. Your feelings are above anyone else. Keep your heart safe and try to move forward in life.

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These are some of the ways to get away from your crush. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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