What are the creepy things you shouldn’t do when you have a crush

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creepy things you shouldn’t do when you have a crush

Things you shouldn’t do when you have a crush

When you have a crush on someone, it is an exciting feeling. You want to gain their attention and spend all your time with that person only. This feeling of infatuation is so strong that you end up doing certain things that come across as creepy and disturbing. These things spoil your image and you come across as a stalker. If you want to gain the attention of your crush in the right way then the best thing to do is to play it cool. For this purpose, it is important that you avoid things that can make you appear clingy and desperate for attention in front of your crush. (Also read: Playing hard to get- Ways to gain the attention of your crush while maintaining distance)

Things you shouldn’t do when you have a crush

  • Liking his/her all photos
  • Showing up everywhere he/she goes
  • Texting him/her all the time
  • Staring
  • Acting possessive

Liking his/her all photos
It is natural that you check out your crush’s social feed profile to see their photos, but that doesn’t mean you will start liking all the picture. Stay away from this habit as it will show that you are acting like a stalker and it is a not an attractive trait.  (Also read: Impress Your Crush: How To Put An Instant Smile On Your Crush’s Face)

Showing up everywhere he/she goes
You want to be a part of your crush’s life. However, sometimes people take it too seriously and end up showing up everywhere their crush is. It shows that you are clingy. (Also read: Moving on- Signs it’s the time to give up on your crush)

Texting him/her all the time

Things you shouldn’t do when you have a crush
Not to in front of the crush: Avoid texting your crush all the time

It is completely understandable that you want to talk your crush but you have to remember that there are certain lines you should not cross. That means you should not constantly text your crush.  (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of Having A Secret Crush On Someone)

This is something almost everyone with a crush is guilty of. Checking out your crush must be done in a subtle manner. Staring at him/her is not only creepy, it is also offensive to that person. (Also Read: What are the signs that your crush is actually interested in you)

Acting possessive
Keep this thing in mind that your crush is not in a relationship with you. So, you don’t have the right to act constantly jealous and being possessive of him/her.

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So, don’t do any of these things. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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