How to confess: What are the gentle ways to confess your honest feelings to a girl

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what are the ways to confess your feelings to a girl

How to confess: A man should honestly confess his feelings to the girl.

How to confess: When we like someone listening to a ‘NO’ from them always hurt. However, if a person does not feel anything for you and is still staying with you it becomes difficult to adjust. In such a situation, you can understand the importance of confessing feelings to the person you like. Telling the truth is always better than heartbreak. If a girl likes you, then she will also reciprocate you with love. One must never keep the feelings inside but should be vocal about them in a subtle way. You must not trouble someone but should proceed in a gentle way. Let’s discuss how can you confess your love in a gentle way. (Also read: How to win over a guy who already has a girlfriend)

How to confess: What are the ways to confess your feelings to a girl?

  • Message her
  • Tell the reason
  • Let them speak
  • Give them space
  • Don’t message repeatedly

Message her
If you don’t like a girl, who likes you, then you must not go out on a coffee date or a movie date with them. You can simple message her and talk in rare cases.

Tell the reason

what are the gentle ways to confess your feelings
How to confess: If you have confessed your feelings, let the girl talk.

When you will tell someone that you are not interested in them, then you must tell the reasons. It often hurts people not to know the reason for someone’s dislike. Thus, try to tell the reason clearly.

Let them speak
When you are done confessing your feelings then you must give the other people some time. Give them time to speak and take the things as they are. Thus, listen to what they have to say.

Give them space
Don’t try to hang out with that girl after you have told your feelings to her. Let her have her own space. Stay away from them and let them have a command over their feelings. Thus, give them some space.

Don’t message repeatedly
If you will keep on messaging her after rejection, she will keep the hopes. She might think that you will like her someday. Thus, it is better that you stop messaging her and let her move on in life.

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These are some of the subtle ways to confess your feelings. You don’t have to be harsh every time. Read this article in Hindi as well.

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