Common Lies Women Tell To Men

Common Lies Women Tell To Men

Women cannot hear a lie even if it is the smallest one. They are extremely reactive like explosions when they encounter men telling lies. However, the case is not same when it comes to them. The sweet and charming ladies lie a lot to guys on some mandated things. Women have some predefined set of thoughts communicating which is not considered as lies according to them. Thus, if you being a man encounter that, you will again have to face the rage. Hence, to keep the cool by keeping aware, read below the common lies which women always tell to men. lies often come in the form of some ‘statements’ given below. [Also Read: How to deal with a partner who is too aggressive]

Men, you can catch the lies which often come in the form of some ‘statements’ given below:

I Like What You Like:

The biggest lie a woman can tell you is that she likes what you like. On the contrary, this is so wrong. A woman and a man can rarely fall on the same page. Hence, when she says this, you must confirm twice.

I Am Cool About It:

Women are never cool about the kind of stuff guys does. As per ladies, they are right and wise in almost everything. Hence, when she says that she is cool, she is actually not and wants you to consider twice. Its like, she is giving you a second chance. [Also Read: What are the signs that a married man is attracted to you]

Your Friend Is Really Sweet:

If your girl says that your friend is really sweet, mind it, you should never trust these words. Rather, she is playing with you. A woman can never like another woman that too when she is her partner’s friend. Her sweet smile this time conceals many possessive factors and she wants to figure out your feelings for your friend. Moreover, even if she is referring to your male friend, she is telling a lie.

I Don’t Expect:

All women have some sort of expectations with their partners. Rather, keeping an expectation in the relationship is essential Thus, don’t trust your girl if she says she doesn’t expect from you.

Tell Me The Truth, I Won’t Get Angry:

No lady is present on this earth who won’t get angry at her partner when there is something discussion like this. Afterall, the reaction to something weird is necessary. [Also Read: Why should you never marry a man with these traits]

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