What are the childish and silly habits that are killing your relationship

What are the childish and silly habits that are killing your relationship

Relationships are not always a piece of cake. Sometimes you have to work hard to pull through the rough patch, but sometimes you yourself push your relationship towards a rough patch. We often do not notice the things we do in a relationship that can potentially ruin the relationship little by little. Most of us brush these things as silly or juvenile but in the long run, these fights break your partner’s trust and kill the affection between you two. So, if we really want to make your relationship work, it is important that you avoid these silly things. (Also read: What kind of fights indicate that your relationship can’t work anymore)

Canceling the plan last minute
When your partner makes a plan and you commit it to it, then it is impolite to ditch him or her at the last minute. If it is a rare case occurrence it can be excused, but not every time. So, be respectful of your partner’s efforts.

White lies
Most people think that telling white lies to your partner is not a big deal. However, sometimes these white lies end up breaking the trust of your partner. White lies include covering the truth about your location, day plans etc. (Also read: What is the meaning of different colour of roses and their importance)

Scene in public
It is no news that every couple has an argument every now and then. When these arguments happen in a public setting it draws the attention of everyone and in long run, these things can harm the couple.

Silent treatment
Most people are guilty of doing this in a relationship. When you resort to a silent treatment instead of fixing the issues, it creates a divide between you and your partner.

Ignoring the special dates
Everyone knows that it is not possible to make every day special in a relationship. However, some days demand to be special. Days like your anniversary, partner’s birthday or valentine’s day are special. So, make sure you make it special. (Also read: What are the signs that you have complete trust in your relationship)

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