Checking out a guy: Which signs clearly tell that a woman is checking you out

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Which signs show that a woman is checking you out

If a woman smiles by looking at you, she is interested in you(

Checking out a guy: Since the time has changed rapidly, women too check out guys. However, in a secretive and subtle manner unlike man. A woman will not keep on staring you, making you uncomfortable. She will very carefully and gently give you glances and smile which might indicate she is interested in you and is checking you out. If you are on a date with a woman, you must notice all the signs she shows. Women are usually clever than men. They have their unique style of checking out the guys. So, here are some signs which will help you to know that the woman is checking you out. (Also read: What are the signs that your crush is actually interested in you)

Signs girl is interested in you: Which signs show that the girl is checking you out?

  • Quick glances
  • Smiling at you
  • Remembering your conversations
  • Secretly looks at you
  • Her friends notice you

Quick glances
If a woman is checking you out she will give quick glances to you. She will try to make eye contact with you but will look down again. She will leave those glances to give you a clue.

Smiling at you

which signs show she is checking you out
Signs she is checking you out: If she smiles at you she is interested in you.

If she blushes and smiles by looking at you, she might be suggesting something. If she passes on a smile to you, you have to take it as a positive sign.

Remembering your conversations
If a girl remembers every little detail about you, then she might be interested in you. If she really likes you and is checking you out, she will remember what you said.

Secretly looks at you
When a woman checks you out, she cannot escape looking at you secretly. She might hide behind her friend and looks at you secretly. She does all this to notice your actions in their absence.

Her friends notice you
If she is with a group of friends, she will definitely tell them about you. If she is checking you out, you will notice that some of her friends are also staring at you.

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These are some of the obvious signs which tells that a girl is checking you out. Don’t miss these signs. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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