Why You Can Never Be Just Friends With Your Ex Partner

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Why You Can Never Be Just Friends With Your Ex Partner

Honestly, think and ask yourself that, can you guys still be friends with your ex? After having a relationship with the person, is this possible to stay friends again? No matter how long the relationship lasted, being friends with your ex-partner is not a wise idea. Many people may oppose us on this, but they have to consider the following facts which are written in the following. You can make a fool of the entire world, but can you make a fool of yourself? No! Hence, read these following points. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Say You Do Not Need A Man In Your Life)

Expectations which are more than a friendship:
When you become friends with your ex, you both gradually become too casual in front of each other because you both have dated each other once. That is why the expectation is always too much in between you two. You can compare you this friendship with other friendships. You will understand the difference.

Seeing each other repeatedly can increase the feelings again:
The basic rule of break up is not seeing each other again. This helps each other to live the life better. But if you both are friends now, you hardly can erase your feelings. Rather, there is a chance that your feelings will be increased by the time. (Also Read: How To Tell Your Partner That You Want To Move On)

Feeling bad when seeing your Ex with someone else:
You both are friends now. That’s fine. But, if you feel jealous while watching him/her with someone else, you cannot be friends. It clearly says that you still have a feeling for your ex.

Fear of again falling in love:
When you both become friends, you again start hanging around, talking to each other like before. Unfortunately, your mind will again start melting for the person. If once you have fallen for the same person, how can you make your heart understand that you are friends now?

Getting the feeling that your special place has lost:
When you both were in the relationship, you have always been treated as the special person to his/her life. But now you will get a feeling that you are just a friend. You both do not share the same equation again like before. This feeling will kill you gradually. That way you both should not be friends again after a breakup. Let’s just close the chapter forever! (Also Read: How To Get The Girl Who Is Out Of Your Reach)

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