Can a girl and a guy be just good friends

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Can a girl and a guy be just good friends

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We often come across the phrase that ‘Love is friendship’, thus we keep relying on the fact that a guy and a girl can never be friends. All they can have a relationship is just love. Most of us have this query in our mind and wonder can a guy be just friends with a girl? Well, we can say, YES! Not every friendship is love. There is a very thin line between love and friendship, but this line is a major one. You can’t point out a girl and a guy who are best friends or good friends. It’s what all in the mind. You must be very good friends with a guy but there is a possibility that you both are not dating each other. So, before making any assumptions, let’s discuss how can a girl and a guy be just friends. (Also read: What are the various relationship truths we often forget)

Can a girl and a guy be just good friends?

Tag your relationship: You must tag your relationship as it is what people demand. In a way, it is helpful for you two. When you define your relationship and give it a tag, you make things sorted for you. It is not just an answer to all the people questioning your relationship but also to the queries that might sprout up in your mind.

Introduce them to your love: If you are in love or dating someone, you must introduce them to your guy/girlfriend. There is no harm to be friends with the opposite sex. If you make friends with someone from the opposite sex that does not mean you need to hide this thing from your partner. You can openly tell them and include them in your plans to keep the things simpler. (Also read: What is the right age to get married according to your zodiac sign)

Mark certain boundaries: When we are friends with the opposite sex, we often become too friendly. It becomes difficult at times, to find mark the difference between friendship and love. You can’t be the same with your friend and with the person you love. You can’t take off your shirt in front of your friend and move that freely. So, define the boundaries yourself.

Take a break if feelings sprout up: If any of you all of a sudden start feeling for the other, it’s time to take a break. You should take a pause for a short time and let the matter settle. A situation might turn difficult and complicated when one of you is in love with the other. However, it is very common to encounter love with the best friend of opposite sex. So you are not alone!

Your partner might not like it: It becomes quite tough at times to balance both friendship and relationship. Your love might not understand your closeness with your friend. When it is a friend from opposite sex, your partner might get on nerves. There is a feeling of jealousy in every relationship, all you need to understand is, how well you balance the same. (Also read: What are the various ways to stay in a honeymoon phase through your entire life)

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