How can you get your ex to miss you

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How can you get your ex to miss you

People make mistakes all the time. however, they forget that sometimes even the small mistakes can really harm the person’s life in worst possible manner. It is important to understand the consequences of your mistakes especially when it is a mistake related to your personal life. Often it happens that you end up missing your ex-partner when they are long from from your life. You now realise your own mistakes, but it is not enough to bring your partner back. You have to make sure that sure that your ex misses you, but this task is not that easy. So, if you really want your ex to think about you here are few ways! (Also read: How to compliment your partner in the most genuine way)

Post the memories of a good time on social media
Despite your breakup, you two must have spent some quality time together. So, simply post the picture or memories from that time as it will tap on your partner’s mind. It will make him or her think of you and miss you!

Wish him or her well
When you go through the breakup, it is indeed possible that you two have bitter feelings about each other. However, if you want your ex to miss you or think of you in a good way. Make sure you end things in a good way. This will show that you are a mature and dignified person. (Also read: What are the signs that your partner is taking you for granted)

Maintain your distance
If you keep messaging and calling your ex will show that you are being really clingy. Nobody likes to be around a needy person. So, the best thing to do is to maintain your distance. Show that you have a complete command on your own life and you are a strong person.

Make sure you look right
It is important to take care of your looks after a breakup. You don’t have to appear miserable after the breakup. It will show you in a negative light. So, make sure you look your best and chirpy. This will make your ex miss what he or she has lost.

Don’t tell them you miss them
Be cool when you approach your ex. Always appear confident and mature. (Also read: What are the signs that you should propose to your crush)

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