How to build intimacy in a marriage

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How to build intimacy in a marriage

Marriage is a sacred bond of love and trust between two partners. It is committed that will last a lifetime. Once you get married you might feel that there is no need to go out of the way to do something special for your partner. This slowly starts harming your marriage in the worst possible manner. Gradually you and your partner start drifting away and then you are left with just memories. To avoid this you must keep up the intimacy in a relationship. There are many simple and sweet ways to make your marriage work in the best possible manner. Let’s find out more about it! (Also read: What are the signs that you are in a relationship with a drama queen)

Plan surprise
Everyone likes to be treated in a special manner. Same is the case with your life partner. Even a small surprise such as getting their favourite flower, arranging a date etc can make a huge impact on your married life.

Listen to them
When you are with your life partner, make sure all your attention is fixated on them. So, it is important that you listen to them, instead of drifting away with your thoughts. It will show that you really respect them.  (Also read: What are the signs that your partner truly respects you)

Do something new
Often it happens that the marriage turns monotonous after a certain amount of time. There is a set routine that you both know, but there are ways to break the rut. Try new things with your partner. Be it a new cuisine, new look or any new place!

Compliment them
When you are married, it doesn’t mean you are free of all the responsibilities of making your partner happy. So, try to sip in some compliments or the other.

Laugh and joke
Most of us think that marriage is a serious bond. It is far from the truth as it can be fun as well. Instead of making the relationship serious and grim, just keep it light. Goof around with each other and laugh with your partner.

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