How to break up: Worst ways to break-up with someone

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Worst ways to break-up with someone

Worst ways to break-up with your partner

Nobody likes to end the relationship that they are in but sometimes it is the only way to attain happiness. Now, the tricky part is to know the right way to break up with someone. The breakup is a painful process but you don’t have to make it worse by breaking up with your partner in the worst way possible. So, it is important to understand that when you pick a bad way to break up with someone you are disrespecting the person as well as disrespecting the memories you had with that person. We have picked the worst ways to break up with someone, so stay clear on them. (Also read: Relationship tips: Signs that you should not break up)

Worst ways to break up with someone

  • Ghosting
  • Over a text
  • In a public place
  • Making up lies
  • Giving false

Ghosting means that instead of telling the person about the breakup, you cut them out of your life. This is the worst form breakup as the other person doesn’t get any kind of clarification about what really happened. It is a very immature and disrespectful manner.  (Also read: Break Up: Signs you should end your relationship even if you are in love)

Over a text
Today’s generation spends all their time texting and they talk over the messages only. However, that doesn’t mean that you should break up over a text. It is a very childish way and it is very hurtful. (Also read: If your partner does not talk to about these things, you should break up with them)

In a public place 
There is nothing more embarrassing than a couple that is fighting in public. Now, think how disrespectful it will be to break up with someone in a public place. So, try to keep the breakup private. (Also read: What are the things one must do before a breakup)

Making up lies

top 10 worst ways to break up
Worst ways to break up: Making up the lies

When you are breaking up with someone, the least you can do is, to be honest with them. Address the problems that you two were having and be upfront about the issue.

Giving false
When you have decided to break up with someone make sure you are clear about the thing. Don’t give the partner a false hope. This is a very mean thing to do.

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When you are breaking up with someone, the least you can do is to make sure you are respectful towards them.  So, try to avoid these ways. Click the link to read this in Hindi.

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