Break up: How does a relationship affect the woman

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Effects of breaking up on a woman

How does a woman react to breakup- Effects of breakup on a woman.

Break up: The work break up is enough to describe the feeling of heartbreak and sad ends. At times, break up is the only option and the person is helpless in the situation. A woman invests a lot in the relationship as compared to that of the man. Her love, trust, reliance, dedication etc. are unmatchable. However, a breakup snatches it all from her and she becomes depressed and hurt. We all must know how does a breakup affect the woman? A relationship is not a single day bond. It is weighed by a lot fo lovable memories. Thus, a woman finds it difficult to cope up after the breakup phase of life. (Also read: Break Up: Signs you should end your relationship even if you are in love)

Effects of breakup on a woman

  • Becomes depressed
  • Leads to numbness of thoughts
  • Change in behavioural pattern
  • Rebounds with herself
  • Loses trust in others

Becomes depressed
A woman often becomes depressed and sad after she undergoes a breakup. Oe cannot forget the relationship over a night. It keeps haunting you with the memories of the person you love. Thus, getting into the state of depression becomes inescapable for some woman. (Also read: How to break up: Worst ways to break-up with someone)

Leads to numbness of thoughts

how does a woman deal with the breakup
Women become sad and depressed after breakup.

A woman gets affected by the breakup so much so that it affects their mind. They become numb and lose control over their own thoughts. It is actually a bad phase of their life.

Change in behavioural pattern
A lot of woman show change in the behaviour pattern when they encounter break up in life. She becomes obsessive about her heartbreak and feelings. She thinks that everyone is there to hurt her and will break her heart. (Also read: What is the best way to break up with someone)

Rebounds with herself
However, some women try to gather themselves and try to be friends with their own self. They try to forget their heartbreak and becomes an even stronger woman. They tend to gather themselves and rebound with their old self.

Loses trust in others

side effects of break up on woman
A woman loses trust in every man after encountering a breakup in life.

At times, there are some women who lose complete trust in men. They try to run away from feelings and love. They isolate themselves as they build a fear of heartbreak so deeply in their mind.

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These are some of the ways in which the woman suffers while encountering a breakup in life. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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