How does our brain respond when we are in love

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How does our brain respond when we are in love

Our brain plays a vital role in regulating our choices and our mood. We often think that we fall in love because the person connects with our heart, however, the case is different. We like someone because our brain works in that manner. Our brain is the one which dominates our senses and as a result, our senses give us command. If the things function according to the approval of brain, we eventually tend to like the person and if not, we tend to move on. We must understand that there are a lot of chemical reactions that take place in our brain. Let’s discuss in detail about the various things our brain do while we fall in love. (Also read: Why is love important for our health)

How does our brain respond when we are in love?

Attraction or love: It is proven that we take only a few milliseconds to get attracted to someone. Our brain consists of many chemicals like endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin etc. which eventually helps us to like someone. We do not think much during this time and get attracted to the person. We eventually start craving for them and this makes our heart function that way. But you need to be careful while you are making a choice in life. Read out what their behaviour and mannerism say about them.

Loving the wrong person: It is natural and can happen with anyone to fall for a wrong person. You already know that the person is not right for you or this love will serve you with no good. It is quite common that when we fall for someone we should not, we become quite repulsive. We tend to oppose the world for the sake of being with them. However, the best thing is to stop right there. When you already know that the person is not meant for you, don’t pave a way for heartbreak yourself. (Also read: What are the signs that your ex-boyfriend has moved on and how you must accept it)

Lack of attraction in existing relationship: We often heard people saying, that the relationship loses its spark after some time. However, this is a myth. It is in your thoughts. We all struggle with tension, stress, pressure, expectations, responsibilities etc. in life. However, the issue is not big. If you want to cope up with the ongoing fights, we should make up our mind in that way. If we decide to resolve the issues, we eventually get the love of our life back.

Stuck in the past: Many of us get addicted to a person. If the person dumped us, we are the ones who suffer badly. So, in case you are getting attached to someone who left you already and can’t cope up with the situation, you will lose your mind. Thus, it is better to tame your addiction by avoiding the person completely. Do not call or message them. In fact, stop stalking them. When you feed your brain, you provide it fodder to make you a victim. So, be wise and listen to your brain. (Also read: What are the ways to stop thinking about your crush)

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