What are the biggest turn off for men in the bedroom

What are the biggest turn off for men in the bedroom

Every couple has their beautiful moments. Be it going out on dates, watching a movie, cooking together. One of such beautiful moments is the time spent in bed together. Every couple grows using the path of physical intimacy and affection. However, not every time these moments are special. Sometimes, despite a deep bond, their certain things that a woman does that are a major turn off for a man. Such actions can ruin the physical intimacy and hamper the bond between the couple. Therefore, it is important to know what are the biggest turn-offs for men in bed. Let’s find out. (Also read: What are the things that can scare your man away)

Poor hygiene
It is important to take care of hygiene. It goes the same for both partners. When you get in the bed, smelling of sweat, it is an instant turn off for any man. So, be careful about your hygiene.

Negative Attitude
Your bedroom is a place that is about connecting with each other, but for some girls, it is a place to put forth all their negative thought. This leads to negativity in the bedroom which is indeed a turn off for a man. (Also read: What are the signs that a girl with a boyfriend is flirting with you)

Being distracted
When you are sharing your intimate moments with your man, it is important to stay focused on him. When you bring your work stress and distracted thoughts it reflects on your way of connecting with the guy.

Controlling behaviour
Physical intimacy is about mutual affection towards one and another. It is about bonding together as equals, but some girls act really dominating in bed. It makes the man feel uncomfortable with the girl. So, it eventually kills the mood and turns into an instant turn off.

Constant calls and texts
When you are in the bedroom with your partner, it is important to keep it ‘no phone zone’. When you spend time on your phone only, it shows that you don’t appreciate your time with your partner. (Also read: Should you give your ex another chance)

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