What are the biggest kissing mistakes that turn off a woman

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What are the biggest kissing mistakes that turn off a woman

While you plan to come closer to your loved one, you must be really excited. This must be the best time of your life but wait! Your over-excitement and wildness might work against you. You must adhere to the best kissing way otherwise you will lose her for life. A girl needs to be kissed properly and gently in the beginning. Being too harsh might turn her off. If she thinks, you don’t know how to kiss properly, you are going to be at a great loss. You surely want to be a good kisser and win her heart forever. Thus, you must avoid making the below listed mistakes while kissing your girl. (Also read: What are the signs when you must reconsider your friendship)

What are the biggest kissing mistakes that turn off a woman?

Don’t bite on her lips: Well love bites are a great thing but starting a kiss with biting and chewing her lips suggest your desperation. You can leave the biting thin for the later part of lovemaking. Don’t think her lips to be a plate of your favourite dish. You must realise that it can really turn her off. And when it is your first kiss, you must be extra cautious.

Don’t use your tongue too much: You must not use your tongue too much. In order to make her feel comfortable, go with the flow. Don’t hurry to pull your tongue inside her mouth like a dog. Go gentle and go gradually. Inserting your tongue into her throat will make her lose her breath. This is the biggest turn off for her. So, in order to be a passionate kisser, you must start it with a gentle process. (Also read: What are the ways to keep your woman happy)

Don’t grope her wildly: You must hold her while you kiss her but don’t go too wild that you desperately grope her. Trust us, it can make her angry and uncomfortable at the same time. She is obviously not running away but this action of yours might make her run off. Hold her gently like a gentleman. Not everytime is the right time to go passionate and wild.

Don’t be in a hurry: You are not running out of time to catch a train. She is right there. Utilize that moment. Stop being in a hush and act weird. Go gently and slowly. It should show your interest, not your lust or hunger. So, be patient and be wise.

Don’t lack interest: All the above-mentioned points do not mean that you don’t have to show any kind of interest while kissing her. Show interest. Kiss her with passion and all the love. Make her feel comfortable. This kiss might decide whether she is going to meet you next or not. So make it your best by being in your senses. Don’t be a dead kisser! Be a good kisser! (Also read: How to impress your partner’s parents when you meet them for the first time)

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