Why it becomes difficult for a guy to understand a girl

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Why it becomes difficult for a guy to understand a girl

Guys often complain that it is too hard to understand a woman. Women are considered as a complicated being, who do not say the things straight away. This is true to an extent but not completely. You need to be understanding to understand the woman properly, they are not that complicated creatures. It is too cliche that women do not understand and are dumb. Anyone can be dumb and lack intelligence irrespective of the gender. Then why do target women only? However, the truth is, a guy usually fail to understand woman because of their lack of interest. Eventually, they have found out an easy target of calling women stupid and non-negotiable. Let’s discuss why it is difficult to understand women properly. (Also read: What are the signs that your casual relationship is turning into a serious relationship)

Why it becomes difficult for a guy to understand a girl?

Guys don’t listen to them properly: Guys have the preconceived notion that girls are hard to understand. Thus, they listen to them selectively. Guys do not listen what a girl has to say, thus they form an opinion about them. However, if you listen to what girls say, things are not that difficult or messy. Its right there in your head.

Guys want to hear what they feel like: Guys usually want to hear things that they like. If a girl is not in a good mood or want to talk about something else, guys do not like it at all. They only wish for the things they desire and appreciate. However, this can’t be possible every time. A girl can talk about the things that trouble her or might hold importance in her life. (Also read: What are the reasons behind the failure of modern day relationships)

Guys often want girls to do what they like: It is quite natural. Guys do not want their girls to follow their dreams. They often want to lead in their life too. If a girl runs on her own whims and fancies, it is not likeable to guys and they call them hard to understand or out of the brain.

Fail to understand the thought process: Until you understand the thought process of your partner, you can’t understand them. Be it a girl or a guy, it is necessary for both to understand each other’s thought process, the only you can proceed well in a relationship. You both have to understand what’s probably going on in their mind instead of calling them stupid or not understanding.

Guy fails to understand: Sometimes, few guys are so strict and stringent with their thoughts that they can’t open doors for other’s mindset. According to them, they are the only ones who can understand things and life better. However, every person has his/her own perspective. A guy must open their thinking process and make it a bit wider.

You are too egoistic to accept it: Guys are often too egoistic to accept that a girl has a better understanding. Thus, in order to carry their false pride, they often declare their girl as less understanding or someone with no brains at all. Though this isn’t right, it definitely suggests that guy is too egoistic and can’t see her growing. (Also read: Can a girl and a guy be just good friends)

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