Arranged Marriage: Things to consider before going for an arranged marriage

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Things to consider before going for an arranged marriage

Arranged Marriage Ideas: Things to consider before going for an arranged marriage (PC: Pinterest)

There are all kinds of marriages in the world, some of them are based on love and some are based on companionship. In India, one of the most popular ways of getting married is an arranged marriage. Both the man and woman get help from the family and they arrange a match for you. Even today, arrange marriages are an interesting choice and many people opt for them. However, before you decide to go for an arranged marriage there are a few things you should really think about and consider. Let’s find out what all you must consider before going for an arranged marriage. (Also read: Why Arrange Marriages Are Better Than Love Marriages)

Things to consider before going for an arranged marriage

  • Are you ready?
  • Your expectations
  • Issue of money
  • Family
  • Time period

Are you ready?
This might sound like a silly thing to consider, but it is indeed important. Marriage is a huge commitment to make. So, think rationally and calmly about the decision. Don’t go for something to please others, make sure you are ready for it. (Also read: Things one must discuss with the partner before getting married)

Your expectations
In an arranged marriage situation you have to talk to different people and they all have different taste and interests. So, it is possible not everyone is well suited as per expectations. Thus, it is important to define your expectation. (Also read: Disturbed marriage: Signs that you are destroying your marriage)

Issue of money

Things to consider in case of arranged marriage
Arranged Marriage: Remember to address the issue of money in an arrange marriage

In India, marriages are treated as an opportunity to flaunt the wealth of a family. This kind of thinking makes marriage a huge financial commitment. This is why you must consider your financial situation and what do expect from your would-be partner. (Also read: Which marriage advice you must ignore)

Arraigned marriage means that your family is going to play an important role in the marriage. So, understand your family’s expectations out of the marriage and make a way to get them to understand your ideas. Remember, it is you who is getting married and making a life-changing decision, so don’t follow tradition blindly. (Also read: What are the reasons that suggest early marriage is the best decision of life)

Time period)
Some people rush into a decision of having an arranged marriage and make the wrong decision. Decide the period of courtship and then make the right choice.

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So, before you decide to take this major decision in life, make sure you have thought about it in a wholesome manner. Click the link to read this in Hindi as well.

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