Are you in relationship with a controlling boyfriend

Are you in relationship with a controlling boyfriend

Every relationship is unique in its own way. One partner is always dominant and other is submissive. However, this becomes intolerable when your partner keeps on calling you and poking you every time. It’s good to be possessive but it’s worst to be controlling. When your relationship lacks freedom and you feel suffocated by constant tracking done by your partner, it becomes difficult to carry forward that relationship. We do not realise it till the time we are not being forced to do act according to the whims and fancies of our partner. (Also read: Is your relationship based on love or just lust)

Here are some of the signs that suggest that you have a controlling partner:

He is too dubious: When your partner is always insecure and doubts your intentions, it suggests that you have a controlling partner. WHen no matter what you do, he always live in his own world of uncertainty about you, it means he has some issues within himself.

He stalks you: Stalking and gathering information for every move of yours is the most annoying thing many boyfriends do. They usually do not give you enough space to have your own time. All they want is to cling to you every time and dominate your life. (Also read: What are the dark sides of being in an open relationship)

He never finds fault in him: No matter what, you are always at fault. Even if something wrong has happened from his end, he will never admit it and will pounce on you. He might turn abusive for the same. In fact, in order to save himself, he can go to any extent.

He scratches life out you: You being in a relationship with him becomes a punishment for you only. You can’t have your ‘ME” time and you can’t even roam around with your favourite lot of people. Thus, you will feel someone has held you so tight that you can’t breathe. The only person you will talk or hang out with is your partner.

He puts you down: Instead of encouraging you, he always tries to put you down. Your boyfriends try to find out faults in you. He thinks you can’t do anything without him and thus insults you every time you try to take a step. Such relationships are worst and suggest your partner wants to dominate you. (Also read: Why do you crave for sad songs right after the breakup)

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