What Are The Annoying Things Men Do On Social Media That Women Hate

What Are The Annoying Things Men Do On Social Media That Women Hate

There are many times men do unwanted things on social media which make women feel annoyed and insecure. Social media brings a lot of problems in a relationship. Men generate these problems more if they don’t behave well on social media. Although social media platforms are extremely private and it is all about a single person’s identification virtually. So, anybody can do whatever they feel like, but if you are in a relationship or having a crush, your lady love may not like few things which actually annoy her. So, men, be a little alert and know about these things. (Also Read: What Are The Types Of Texts You Should Never Send Him)

Ignoring her existence online:
If a man is posting pictures and talking to his friends more than acknowledging her girlfriend is something annoys the girl most. It is okay that the man is having his personal activities on the net, but completely ignoring his partner when she is also online, is not a good thing.

Uploading too many selfies:
If a man is uploading too many selfies and just loves to show his pictures to the world, he must be self-centred. ‘I, me and myself’ people are strongly narcissistic. If the person is only showing his pictured to the media platform, it seems he is seeking attention from others. These are the things a girl definitely hate. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Your Partner Wants You For Physical Relationship)

Show-off factor:
Many men love to show more than what they have in their lives actually. People show off just to earn more attention and to set a high standard amongst all. This factor can genuinely annoy anyone not only just the girl he is dating or having a crush on.

Live-tweeting while watching a match:
Women are sometimes right when they say ‘Men will be men’. It is true that men love sports more than women. But that does not mean women do not watch sports matches. They watch and they love it. What they do not like is sharing live-tweets which a match is going on. Everybody is watching the match, his small tweets do not matter in public.

Liking and commenting too much on other girl’s posts:
It is absolutely OK to like and share a comment on other’s posts. But when this activity is becoming excessive and the man is ignoring her lady, it initiates a fight between a couple. So, let your lady love feel secure and trust you more than usual on social media. (Also read: What Are The Things Women Do Which Kill The Relationship)

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