What are the absolutely valid reasons for a breakup

What are the absolutely valid reasons for a breakup

When a relationship ends it is really painful for both the partner. This is why most people try to delay the event of the breakup as much as they can to avoid the pain. This doesn’t mean that the breakup is happening for the wrong reason. There are many absolutely valid reason that leads to a breakup. If you know the reasons you will understand that sometimes it is better to end a relationship in order to move forward in life. Even though the breakup might be really painful but when the reason it right it becomes important. Let’s find out the valid reasons. (Also read: What are the biggest turn off for men in the bedroom)

There is no excuse in case of cheating. Once the trust in shattered in a relationship due to cheating there is no turning back to the relationship. As whatever time you spend, there is no way to regain the trust.

This often happens in the case of high school couples. As the time flies, changes occur in a relationship. They are not always favourable. So, when you realise that you two are way different from what you were, then it is better to not drag the relationship.  (Also read: What are the things that can scare your man away)

No future plan
Every relationship has a direction in which it moves over the time. However, if you obverse that your relationship is stuck at the same level and there is no path to take or a future to plan then it better to call it off.

You have feelings for someone else
If you feel that you getting attached to someone else, then it is a clear that all is not well in your relationship. It is a clear sign that you must break up with your partner, no matter how painful it can be.

Never ending fight
Every couple fights, but when you notice that you two are fighting all time than it, not a good sign. Constant fights, arguments, crying is not healthy for you or your partner. So, it is a valid reason for a breakup.  (Also read: Should you give your ex another chance)

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