What to do when your crush sends you a friend request

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What to do when your crush sends you a friend request

We all have a crush on our life. We secretly like them for no reason and almost for every reason. Think about the time, if your crush sends you a friend request. You have to be extra careful while you get a request from your crush. They must not get an impression that you were so curious and eager to talk to them. It might turn them off. Besides this, it will make them feel that you are too much after them. This might make them maintain a distance from you. So, every step you take should be very careful one and a smart one too. You need to attract them towards you so that they also start taking interest in you. So, let’s find out what to do if your crush sends you a friend request. (Also read: What are the things that your partner never wants to tell you)

What to do when your crush sends you a friend request?

Don’t accept the request immediately
If your crush has sent you request, then make sure you don’t accept it immediately. Take some time and make it look natural. Don’t make them feel that you are too curious to talk to them. It will definitely spoil your impression.

Upload your recent picture
You must upload and update your recent picture in your profile. Make sure you look the best in your pictures. It will create an excitement in their mind. By seeing these pictures it might make your crush feel interested in you and he might also try to initiate the conversation. (Also read: What does the colour of your dress interpret while you go on a first date)

Check your timeline once
Before you accept his friend request, you must check your timeline once. Delete if there is any post that can offend your crush. There should be good things initially until you know your partner.

Update information about you
You should make your profile friendly. Update your information and things that a person would like to know about you. Make your profile full of great things about you. This will make people get some information about your interests and likes and dislike. It will even help you to initiate the conversation.

Accept it
If you get a friend request from your crush, you must accept it. You should not make them wait for long. It will make them feel ignored and they might reject it or delete it.

Be careful while you post the next time
So once that you have accepted the friend request of your crush, you should post carefully. Don’t post or make any such comment that might hurt them or make them feel negative about you. (Also read: What are the things that your partner will not do for you if he is not your soulmate)

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