What is birth control patch and its usage

Know more about Birth control patch and it's uses

Birth control patch is a thin square patch which sticks to the skin and releases the hormones through its contact with the skin to prevent pregnancy. These hormones are actually chemical substance which gets induced in the blood to control the functions of different organs of the body.

How does a birth control patch functions?

Birth control patch releases hormones like progesterone and estrogen which prevents the female to ovulate. Pregnancy takes place due to the release of eggs and when the same comes in contact with the sperm. There are no chances of pregnancy if the ovulation has not taken place. These hormones also make the mucus thick and then the sperms find it difficult to enter the ovary. It is one of the other ways of birth controlling that regulates hormones just like birth control pills and birth control ring. (Also read: Cervical Cap: Know about the method of contraception in detail)

How to use a birth control patch?

A new patch should be applied the same day every week to ensure its proper functioning. Make sure that when you change the patch, you should first remove the older one and then stick the new one at a different place to avoid any skin related issues. If you are having a red and irritated skin, avoid using a patch there. Don’t stick the patch over on a makeup, it will disrupt the normal sticking and will make it fall off soon. In case the patch falls off, visit your doctor soon and consult him regarding the same. You might have to take another birth control method to avoid pregnancy. Physical activities like gyming, swimming etc. can be undertaken to wear a patch. But don’t try to experiment with the patch by trimming it or taking it off and pasting again.

How efficient is a birth control patch?

Studies show that birth control patch shows the effective result in prevention of pregnancy. It entirely depends on how correctly you use the patch by following the instructions carefully. Any discrepancy might result in pregnancy. So follow the steps prescribed on it properly. It’s also studied that if a woman weighs more than 90 kilograms, the effectiveness of the patch is quite low.

Does a birth control patch protect from STD?

A birth control patch can’t prohibit the transfer of STD’s. One ought to use condoms in order to avoid the occurrence of any such circumstances. Birth control patch is a good option to prevent pregnancy but not sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the side effects of birth control patch?

Adopting a good and healthy lifestyle reduces the chances of any side effects of birth control patch. Smoking does possibly cause as an adverse effect on the body leading to irregular menstrual cycle, headache, nausea, mood swings, blood clots, skin irritation and much more.

Who can use the birth control patch?

It is usually used by the sexually active woman as it’s not healthy to take birth control pills. Birth control pills have stronger side effects on the female body than the patch. Women who are diagnosed with some serious health condition like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, blood clots, migraine etc. are not advised to use birth control patch as a contraceptive pill can worsen their health condition. If you suffer from unusual vaginal bleeding then you should consult your doctor before undertaking this birth control method.

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