What Are The Myths About Condom That You Should Stop Believing

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What Are The Myths About Condom That You Should Stop Believing

When you are consenting to a sexual relationship, it is important to understand that you are also giving your consent to the possible consequences of it. The consequences include unplanned pregnancy, sexually transferable diseases etc. There is a solution to such problems that is a condom. The condom is a cheap contraception method that not only prevents unplanned pregnancy but also protects you against the sexually transferable disease. Despite being a popular contraception method, people still have their doubts and confusion about condoms. This leads to various myths, thus it is important to avoid the myths related to condoms and know the truth. (Also read: What are the dos and don’ts of emergency contraceptive pills)

“Condoms are 100% reliable”
This is the most popular myth about condoms. Despite being one of the best contraception methods the condoms can still break. Though the odds of this happening are really low, still it can happen. So, you can’t completely trust condoms.

“Condoms don’t expire”
Every condom packet has a clear information about the expiry date of the condom. When they expire, they lose the flexibility. As a result, there is higher chance that it will break. So, it is always advisable to check for the expiry date. (Also read: What are minipills and how do they operate as a contraceptive)

“Don’t use condoms, if the girl is on pill”
Condoms are not only used to prevent the unplanned pregnancy, they are used for prevention of the deadly sexually transferable diseases like HIV AIDS, Syphilis etc. So, in case you are not well aware of the sexual health status of your partner, it is better to opt for protection.

“It’s safer to wear two condoms”
It is a widely circulated misconception. Wearing two condoms or ‘double bagging’ is actually a terrible idea. When you are wearing two condoms it simply creates more friction, increasing the chance of condom breaking.

“You don’t need condoms for oral and anal sex”
It is important to remember that condoms are not just for avoiding the pregnancy. They are there to protect you from STDs as well. So, even when you are opting for oral or anal sex, you must opt for a condom if you don’t know about the sexual history of your partner. (Also read: What Is Cervical Cap Method Of Contraception)

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