What Are The Foods You Should Eat If You Are On Contraceptive Pills

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What Are The Foods You Should Eat If You Are On Contraceptive Pills

Popping contraceptive pills immensely affect a women’s health. A small pill can prevent unwanted pregnancy. It brings changes in the menstrual cycle and the hormones as well.  Hence, every woman has to be conscious about her health as she is on contraceptive pills. Exercises and a good diet are pretty much needed this time to stay healthy and fit. Hence, we have come up with some foods which every woman should eat who are on pills. It can help the woman’s body to undo the small side effects of these pills like a headache, cramps, breast tenderness and heavy menstrual bleeding. (Also Read: What Are The Common Condom Mistakes Every Man Should Know)

Yoghurt is a superfood and it has various health benefits. It provides a lot of riboflavin known as vitamin B. This vitamin is loaded with bone-building calcium and digestion-boosting probiotics. Moreover, it can relieve you from headaches, cramps and other physical aches.

Banana is also another nutritions fruit which is essential for every human body. It has Vitamin B6 that is quite healthy for a woman’s body. Moreover, it helps in regulating the mood. The woman on the contraceptive pills metabolizes B6 differently. So, banana can potentially help in interfering with serotonin production as well. (Also Read: Know about the side effects of contraceptive pills)

Green Leafy vegetables:
Green leafy veggies are incomparable to any other food item. Eat more spinach, broccoli, kale, fenugreek leaves etc. just to get a lot of folates. This compound helps in better blood circulation and make you healthy. Besides this, the green leafy veggies are the guards against birth defects during pregnancy.

Citrus fruits:
Citrus fruits like orange, sweet lemon, lemon can be great for your health if you are on contraceptive pills. These types of food items have a lot of vitamins C which help you to reverse the damage done to the skin by these birth control pills. These food items can help to restrict the hair loss due to the birth control pills.

Soy is a great food which repairs the body throughout. It controls and regulates the role of estrogen in the human body. You can eat soybeans or drink soy milk to stay healthy and fit. (Also Read: What Are The Types Of Contraceptive Pills)

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