What are minipills and how do they operate as a contraceptive

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What are minipills and how do they operate as a contraceptive

Women constantly seek for the best possible means for contraception. There are many contraception options available for women in various forms. One of the most popular forms of woman contraception is pills. The progesterone-only pills are the pills that are consumed orally. Mini-pills is another name for such pills. Like other contraception pills, minipills contain a hormone progesterone or estrogen and their side effects are very less. Moreover, women above the age of 35 can’t take other forms of contraceptive pills that is why they are more inclined towards minipills. Let’s find out more. (Also read: What Is Cervical Cap Method Of Contraception)

How do minipills operate?
Like any other form of oral contraception, these pills prevent the formation of the egg in the ovary. Firstly, they change the structure of ovary that makes it hard for the conceiving to happen. After their use,  they sperate your ovary and your vagina by the thick mucus. So, the sperm can’t reach the egg to fertilize it. Therefore, it prevents pregnancy.

The consumption of the minipills
The minipills are an oral form of contraception. Firstly, one must take these pills regularly for 28 days. Also, you should not skip their consumption even during the periods as it can lead to unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, be careful. (Also Read: What Are The Types Of Contraceptive Pills)

Benefits of the minipills

  • The progesterone-only pills, don’t have estrogen that is why it is not bad for the health of your heart.
  • The chance of pelvic inflammatory disease is less in case of minipills
  • Minipills lead to fewer chances of Amenia in women
  • The women who take another form of conceptive have more problems in comparison to women taking minipills
  • Minipills do not affect the fertility of the woman

Harms of minipills

  • Progesterone only minipills lead to breasts turning saggy.
  • Minipills increase your appetite which leads to weight gain.
  • Some woman faces the problem of nausea and restlessness.
  • The menstrual cycle can turn irregular.
  • It doesn’t protect against STD or sexually transmitted diseases.(Also read: Copper T: Check description and benefits)
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