Know about the side effects of contraceptive pills

Know about the side effects of contraceptive pills

Apart from using condoms, there is another contraception method which is vastly used, that is contraceptive pills. It is a highly effective method for birth control but it also causes side effects.These pills contain hormones like Estrogen, Progesterone and synthetic forms of hormones. The presence of the synthetic hormones in the contraceptive pill increases the chance of side effects.

Common side effects of the contraceptives are intermenstrual spotting, breast tenderness, headache, nausea, mood swings, weight gain, missed periods, vaginal discharge, etc. (Also Read: Find out how to stop periods with birth control pills)

Some common side effects of contraceptive pill include:

Inter-menstrual Spotting: Many women experience vaginal bleeding before expected periods. This is known as breakthrough bleeding. It happens within the first 3 months after consuming the pills. During spotting, the pills remain effective if it has been taken correctly. If any woman bleeds continuously for  5 or more days then she should consult a doctor.

Breast Tenderness: Contraceptive pills cause breast enlargement and tenderness. This can happen after the second week of starting birth control pills. It is normal until the time the person does not feel much problems like finding a lump in the breast, severe breast pain. If such issues occur then the person should go for a medical check-up.

Nausea: Some women experience mild nausea when they start taking birth control pills. But this is not at all something serious. It would dissolve after two to three days. Taking the pills every night after the meal can help to lower the tendency of nausea. (Also Read: Know About The Types of Contraceptive Pills)

Headaches: Headaches are a very common side effects of having contraceptive pills. Sex hormones have an effect on the development of headaches and migraine problems. Various doses have various types of headache symptoms. It would come only for 1-2 hours and then disappears automatically. If someone has severe headaches then she should immediately consult a doctor.

Weight gain: 
 Fat cells are also affected by the estrogen content in birth control pills. The hormones cause cells to become larger and numerous. Hence, the weight fluctuates easily.

Mood Swings: 
Synthetic hormones lead to depression, mood swings and changes in behaviours. It is not a serious problem while it automatically disappears after 5-8 days.

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