How to stop periods with birth control pills

How to stop periods with birth control pills

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Many women opt for birth control pills to get rid of periods flow, painful cramps and bloating. When you have already planned to go for a trip or any of your major events fall on that time of the month, you think about this idea of skipping periods.

So, let us discuss the methods to skip the periods by taking birth-control pills.

Skipping the periods on monthly basis:
By taking contraceptive pills you can stop your periods on monthly basis. Your gynaecologist may help you to choose the right pill. The medication is called Seasonique or Seasonale. if you opt for this medication you will get your periods only for four months in a year. Ask your specialist which pill would be perfect for your system because there are two types of pills available; one type of pill contain Oestrogen and Progesterone together and other types of pill contain only Progesterone. Different types of contraceptive pills work differently.

Another way to stop your periods is, you can skip the placebo pills. The birth- control pills generally come in the set of 28 pills for your each cycle. There are 21 pills which are active to stop your pregnancy and the other 7 pills which are called inactive, helps your menstruation happen smoothly. These 7 inactive pills are placebo pills. So, for skipping your periods you need to ditch those placebo pills. You can take the active pills for 28 days and you can through the pill plate. Again you have to start your 29th active pill from another pill plate.

Taking contraceptive pills may fetch many side effects. You have to understand that your body is meant to release dead eggs through a form of bleeding. Though many women safely take contraceptive pills to stop periods, however, side effects are always there. Remember, periods cycles are necessary for our reproductive system. You can skip it once in a while but it should not be practised frequently as it may lead to many serious health problems.

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