What is a female condom and how to use it

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What is a female condom and how to use it

A female condom is another method of contraception and can be used easily by a female partner. Though a bit tricky to use, these female condoms require some practice for correct insertion. Like male condoms are very common and easy to use, female condoms are not that popular because people don’t find it comfortable enough. The female condom is a thin pouch that gets inserted into the vagina and is well lubricated. It prevents the risk of sexually transmitted disease and infections. Besides this, it is one of the healthiest ways to prevent pregnancy as well. In fact, the chances of female condom to break are slightly lower than that of male condoms. (Also read: Know about the side effects of contraceptive pills)

How does a female condom work?
Female condoms work as a barrier to the risk of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Those who do not want to get pregnant and can’t really depend on their partner for protection should use it for protection. Female condom comprises of two rings as the respective ends. One of the ends is open while other is closed. The open end remains outside the vagina, however, the closed end is inserted inside. This way the pouch on the inner side adjusts accordingly. It collects the pre-cum and cum during the intercourse. As the vagina is protected from inside due to the pouch, there is less risk of unplanned pregnancy and STD. (Also read: What is birth control patch and its usage)

How to use a female condom?
Before using the female condom, one must check the expiry date on the packet carefully.

  1. As the female condoms are already lubricated, they do not need more lubrication. However, if you still feel the need, you can use the same.
  2. If you are already used to using tampons, you must not face any difficulties in using a female condom. Thus, you must get into a comfortable position to make it easier for insertion.
  3. Thus, you may either lie down or keep your one foot on the chair to make it easy to insert.
  4. The closed portion that has to get inside the vagina should be squeezed and slide into the vagina.
  5. You must keep in mind that the condom should not get twisted while you insert it inside.
  6. Slide it deep inside the vagina up to the cervix, till where you find the comfort.
  7. You will notice that the open end of the female condom is hanging outside maybe just an inch in size.
  8. While you are all ready for the intercourse, make sure your partner gets the right positioning for the condom.
  9. You should help your partner by guiding him to the opening ring of the condom so that he does not slip to the sides of the same.
  10. If you want to insert it in your anus, you must remove the inner ring of the condom and insert it inside the anus normally. Again leave the open-ended ring outside the vagina to make it easier for the partner during the intercourse. (Also read: What Is Cervical Cap Method Of Contraception)
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