6 Facts That Are Making Your Birth Control Pills Less Effective

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6 Facts That Are Making Your Birth Control Pills Less Effective

Birth control pills are basically oral contraceptive pills that help women to avoid pregnancy. The chances to avoid pregnancy via birth control pill is 92% to 99%. However, these chances get reduced if any following process causes a reduction in pill’s effectiveness.

Yes! There are some ways of which we are unaware but surely they hamper the effectiveness of birth control pills. Therefore, if you are taking birth control pill to avoid getting pregnant this article is for you!

6 Facts That Are Making Your Birth Control Pills Less Effective

Prescribed medications:
There are some medicines which you may take on a daily basis but do you know that those medicines may reduce the impact of birth control pills. True it is! Medicines like an antidepressant and those of diabetes reduce the effect of oral contraceptive pills.

According to the studies, intake of some antibiotics reduces the effect of birth control pills. Hence, if you are taking an antibiotic and a pill simultaneously then be prepared that it may turn to a fail.

If you are eating grapefruit or grapefruit juice, it may show changes in how your body handles with oestrogen. Thus, intake of contraceptive pills may not be effective after you have consumed grapefruit juice or grapefruit.

Delay in intake:
The instruction over the pills covers clearly mentions that you must consume it within 72 hours of proper intercourse. However, the fact is you should take the pill right after the intercourse or within 12 hours after sex to ensure that you are safe from expecting a pregnancy. Delay in taking the oral contraceptive pill may result in you getting pregnant or facing menstrual issues.

Vomiting or Diarrhoea:
In case if you are suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea and you have consumed the pill, it may go waste as its effectiveness has been blurted out. Therefore, try taking some other remedy if you are going through these problems.

Women may get some side effects of taking oral contraceptive pills or feel nausea after sexual intercourse, says medical expert. Which means that they have non-compliance towards birth control pills and they should not take it.

Therefore, oral birth control pills are effective but if the above-mentioned cases are associated with you then getting pregnant can be expected even after taking the contraception. To relax on this, use other protected sex measures like condoms, diaphragm and so on.

Consult a specialist or a gynaecologist to get a wide view on your birth contraceptive pills and problems which you are facing. Be open and take precautions wisely!

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