Copper T: Check description and benefits

Copper T: Check description and benefits

We all are aware of contraception. As there are many handy options of contraception. Condoms, emergency pills are the most convenient options which come to our mind when we think about contraception. But except that, there are many methods by which you can prevent unwanted pregnancy. These methods are as safe as condoms and pills. People should be aware of the various methods of contraception because there are some methods available where one-time investment can give you protection for next 5 or 8 years.

Using condoms or pills are the regular process which you need to embark every time. But here we are talking about those methods which can give you protection for a longer time. The Copper T IUD is one of those contraception methods which provides safety for a large span of time even if you have sex every day. (Also Read: Know About The Types of Contraceptive Pills)

What is Copper T:
Copper T is a device which is intrauterine. It is a small, flexible instrument which made of soft, smooth plastic and wrapped in copper. This “T” shaped device should be inserted into the uterus by a doctor specialised in gynaecology to prevent pregnancy. It is 100 percent safe, inexpensive and a quite effective contraception option. It provides you protection for 5 years. It is one of the most effective options for long term contraception.

Copper T: Check description and benefits

The effectiveness of Copper T:
Copper T IUD can last up to 10 years. This device is extremely effective. There are many women in this world who have tried this and forgotten about the contraception fear. Less than one in every 100 women got pregnant after using it. It is as safe as women permanent sterilization. But after removing the device you can immediately get pregnant. It would temporarily protect you from getting pregnant.

How does Copper T work:
After placing Copper T inside the uterus, it gets ready to protect you from getting pregnant. This innovative “T” shape blocks the sperms to reach to the eggs inside the uterus. That is why the need of using Condoms or having pills ends.

Side effects of using Copper T:
Every contraceptive options have few side effects. However, Copper T has fewer downsides and side effects. It does not protect from a sexual transmitted disease called STD. After placing copper T, many women start having more powerful flows and cramps during menstruation. There is another rare problem is with Copper T, it can be misplaced inside the uterus. One out of 100 women may face this problem.

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