Does a condom really has an expiry date

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Does a condom really has an expiry date

Most of us think that condom is an everlasting contraception product. Well, it’s one of the biggest misconceptions in the minds of the people. Condoms do have an expiry date. When you get physically involved with someone, you should not only look out for pleasure but safety too. Using an expired condom is equal to having an unprotected sex. However, there are great risks that are involved while you use an expired condom. It not only affects your skin but also causes the risk of sexually transmitted disease and unplanned pregnancy. Thus, you should always be careful before buying a condom and should buy it from a medical shop after ensuring its expiry date. Listed below are some of the things you must know about condoms and their expiry date. (Also read: What is a female condom and how to use it)

What are condoms made up off?
Condoms are usually made up of three types of materials like latex, polyurethane or lambskin. Some people who are allergic to latex, tend to use the condoms made up of polyurethane. However, most of the people often tend to use the condoms made up lambskin. But it has to be noted that condoms made up of lambskin fail to protect the users from sexually transmitted diseases.

For how long does a condom last?
Condoms that are made up of latex usually last for about 3-5 years from the date of manufacturing. However, the possibility of there expiry depends upon the lubricant and spermicide. Sometimes, too hard sexual activity can also lead to breakage of condoms and make you prone to unprotected pregnancy and STD. However, one must check the expiry date of the condom before buying them, in order to avoid any complications. (Also read: What is birth control patch and its usage)

Why do condoms have an expiry date, as they are not any eatables?
Though condom is not a food product yet it has got an expiry date. An expired condom tends to break faster. Besides this, they may make the lubricant dry out fast and hinder the sexual activity. Not just this, it may cause skin irritation and becomes less effective in trying to protect you from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Why should one not use an expired condom?
There is no fixed study which says that the usage of an expired condom is a bad practice. However, people often complain of skin irritation and inflammation once they use expired condoms. Besides this, it also increases the risk of unplanned pregnancy. Moreover, using an expired condom can also increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the risks involved in using an expired condom?
There are many risks to your personal hygiene and the hygiene of your partner.

  • It may cause unexpected pregnancy.
  • Might lead to skin irritation and inflammation.
  • It may result in sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It may interfere with your sexual pleasure. (Also read: What Is Cervical Cap Method Of Contraception
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