What Are The Common Condom Mistakes Every Man Should Know

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What Are The Common Condom Mistakes Every Man Should Know

The best and the easiest way to contraception is using a condom. But, a lot of time men fail to apply this contraception method, which eventually provokes pregnancy. So, if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, then you have to be well aware of the right method of using a condom. It not only prevents pregnancy, but it can keep you safe from getting STDs, AIDS and other sexual diseases. Hence, we are going to talk about the common condom mistakes which men make. Hope this article can help you to have a safe sex from the next time. (Also Read: Know about the side effects of contraceptive pills)

Not checking the wrapper of the condom:
Men usually keep the condom inside their wallet, bag or pocket for a longer time. This can make the wrapper and the condom both damaged. So, while having sex they take out the packet and use it. This can make both the partners suffer from many problems.

Not checking the expiry date:
If you do not check the expiry date of the condom but still use it, it may give you unwanted pregnancy or genital sore. A condom is made of Latex rubber which has a limited life. So, when the condom gets expired it either breaks or creates irritation on the skin because of the expired greasy compound. (Also Read: What Are The Types Of Contraceptive Pills)

Not wearing it during the entire sex process:
Many people take the condom out before completing the entire sex process. This action can again lead to unwanted pregnancy or brings the genital of partners come in the contact. This process can unknowingly transmit you sexual diseases.

Using the wrong lubricant with the condom:
If you want to make your of your partner’s genitals lubricated, then do not use oil, petroleum jelly or any other lubrication. So, you should apply the silicon or the butter blade lubes.

Choose the right side of the condom:
Every man has different size when it comes to using a condom. Men generally do not prefer choosing the right condom size as they get the regular sizes in the market mostly. But, if your genital size does not suit a regular condom, then purchase the right one for having healthy sexual intercourse. (Also read: Copper T: Check description and benefits)

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