Can someone be allergic to condoms and what are its symptoms

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Can someone be allergic to condoms and what are it's symptoms

This must be very surprising to hear that some people are allergic to the condom. It is one of the most popular ways of contraception. It is cheap, easy and the most convenient method of contraception. This makes people use it more than any other method of contraception. But some people are allergic to latex condoms. Latex is the material with which the condom is made up of. If you feel the itching and inflammation in the thigh area, then the probable reason might be the use of condoms. Latex condoms are the highly used one. Latex might lead to allergy. Let’s find out how you get to know about the allergies caused by the condom. (Also read: Does a condom really has an expiry date)

Can someone be allergic to condoms and what are its symptoms?

Itching: Itching is one of the most common symptoms which is caused by any kind of allergy. It might lead to a lot of discomfort and uneasiness. If someone is allergic to a condom, the person will feel itching and rashes in the thigh area. It may lead to itching in woman’s vagina and the area around it. It might also lead to the irritation on the skin of male skin. Besides this, it may also lead to allergy on your tongue, skin and lips as well.

Rashes: If you are allergic to latex condoms, then after coming in contact with it, this might lead to allergy near and around the pubic area. These rashes might become very intense. It might lead to burning sensation, itching and redness of the rashes. (Also read: What is a female condom and how to use it)

Burning sensation in thighs: People who are allergic to latex condoms, they will feel the irritation and burning sensation in the thigh area. It is one of the very common symptoms. It can be on the penis or in the vagina as well.

Boils: Too much exposure to latex condoms can lead to severe allergy. It thus might lead to boils in the thigh area. They will stay on your skin until your immune system is able to fight back these allergy signs.

Anaphylaxis: Anaphylaxis is one the severe reaction that needs an immediate doctor’s attention. It might lead to breathing issues, swelling of lips, tongue and throat. Besides this, it can also lead to shortness of breath and uneven heartbeat and pain in the chest. (Also read: What is birth control patch and its usage)

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