What are the most common myths about the rules of dating

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What are the most common myths about the rules of dating

We all have some common misconceptions about dating and it’s rules. Well, there are no fixed rules if you are going on a date. Everyone has their own take on how they are going to dress up, behave or eat while they will be with their partner. However, people over the years have made things quite difficult by setting certain standards and calling them rules of dating. Thus, it is a high time when one should break all these misconceptions and be their original self while they opt to date. No one is alike thus, asking for similarity is also not good. How can you set the basis of a perfect date for people you don’t even know. And mind it, people love originality, not the fake. (Also read: What should be your ideal winter date according to your zodiac sign)

What are the most common myths about the rules of dating?

Myth: Excess of makeup and perfect dress to impress
Truth is, you must look presentable, not shabby. It doesn’t mean you have to go all fancy. A simple look with casual clothes can also make you impress the person. All you know is the right trick to present yourself. You must know how to carry yourself with grace without overdoing the things. Layered up makeup and extra fancy clothes are the biggest turn-offs of a first date.

Myth: Dating means a pause to career
Well, funny enough! Dating is not your job and it does not change your existing position of a job. You must continue with your career and still can date a guy or a girl. Dating has nothing to do with your job. You don’t have to give up your career for the sake of dating someone. So chill and go ahead! (Also read: What are the signs that you should not marry your long term partner)

Myth: You should not convey that you miss them
People often think that conveying someone that you miss them take them at the top of the world. Which is not true! If you really like or love someone and miss them, there is no harm in telling the truth. You should, in fact, convey your feelings in order to make your bond strong.

Myth: Being conscious of what you eat
You should not be conscious of what you should eat on your date. You can eat anything you feel like. Be it a bowl of soup, salad, noodles or your favourite brownie. Be your real self. Don’t be hesitant. Formalities often do not let a person get to know the real you. Also, made up relationships usually do not work for long.

Myth: You must not talk about everything
People often think that one should be secretive while you are on a date. However, it is a big no. If you are dating someone, you should talk to them clearly. Revealing your secrets and talking about your ex is okay. As long as you are not hurting anyone, you can talk about anything. Often, hiding things from each other result in messing up the relationships. (Also read: What are the biggest kissing mistakes that turn off a woman)

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