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Most common reasons why your partner ignores you

Ignoring partner: What are the probable reasons your partner is ignoring you

Ignoring partner: Many of us complaint of being ignored by our partner. After the good phase of a relationship passes away, the problematic one arrives. It brings along some differences which disturb your relationship. As a result, your partner starts ignoring you. One must find the exact reason for the sudden ignorance of the partner.

Why do some men do not find some women attractive

Dating tips: Why some men do not get attracted to you

Dating tips: Many women are troubled by the fact that people, especially men do get attracted to them. Be it on the basis of looks or their overall personality, some men just can’t get attracted towards certain women.

Father’s Day 2018, when is Father's Day

Father’s Day 2018: When Is Father’s Day Celebrated

Father’s Day 2018: Make your father feel happy and special as it is The Father’s Day. Do you know when is Father’s Day? Well, June is the month when Father’s Day is celebrated. Pay a special thanks to your father and make him feel special.