Yoga Postures For Men To Prevent Infertility Problems

Yoga Postures For Men To Prevent Infertility Problems

Men suffer from infertility diseases while adapting to lifestyle changes and work cultures. They are generally the prime victims of sex problems due to stressful work schedules and lethargic day-to-day life.

Yoga is good for health and it is something for which you aren’t paying anything. There are some postures in yogasan too, which, apart from giving good health reduce the infertility problems. Here, we will share with you five amazing yoga postures which will boost your sex drive and enhance fertility:

Sarvanga Asana

Practising the posture of sarvanga asana (shoulder stand) affects all the organs of the body and enhances the sexual calibre. To perform this posture, you have to lay down on the floor with arms resting close to the body, lift your legs slowly while keeping knees straight (you have to inhale while lifting your legs), hold your hips with arms and try to lift your legs as much as possible while aiming to lift the body upwards

Rest for few minutes in the same position and then lift your leg down slowly.


Halasana or Plow Pose is essential for abdominal organs. To practice halasana, you have to lay down in a shoulder stand. It is an extension to shoulder stand wherein you have to stretch your legs to reach beyond your head and stretch forward. Take a pause of few minutes and take breathe once you have stretched. Later, come back to the initial shoulder stand and slowly, drop your legs at rest and come to savasana position.


To cure sex problems, you must try kandasana which not only reduces infertility issues but also relieves the joints from pain and enhances the lower body movements. For kand asana posture sit on the floor in folded knee posture, hold the front part of the legs at toe and pull them closely towards your upper body. Twist the ankles and hold them with your hands at your chest resembling a ‘namaskar’ posture.

This may be a bit difficult initially but is very relaxing. You have to sit in posture and breathe.


Gomukhasana is good for curing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in males. For this posture, you have to sit straight and keep your right leg over left leg. Move your right hand backwards. Then stretch your left hand to the back so that you can tough right-hand fingers. Take few breaths while sitting in this posture.

Please note that your body should be straight while you are practising this posture.


Mandukasana is also responsible for curing sex related problems. To perform this yoga asana you have to initially, sit in the vajra asana position. While sitting, fold your arms to form a fist and keep them on your navel. Bend forward while exhaling and remain in this position for few seconds and then lift your body up while inhaling.

These five amazing yoga postures are definitely going to give you a good health and boost your sex drive while reducing sex problems. But be careful while performing these yoga asanas as there should be no mistake in postures and breathing criteria.

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