Yoga Poses To Get Your Hips In Shape

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yoga poses to get your hips in shape

You take care of your entire body so that you can look beautiful, healthy. But while caring for every part of the body you forget to take care of the hips. In order to give your body the right shape and look beautiful, hips need to be in the right shape. If you are thinking to bring hips in the right shape, then yoga asana is a perfect solution. The yoga asana is beneficial for the health of your body in many ways, and you can also resort to yoga as well to give proper shape to the hips.

Let us know which two yoga asana is beneficial to bring the hips right in shape.


  • With the help of this asana, your hips get the right size and it helps in correcting the hip muscles.
  • Lie down on your back and breathe deeply.
  • Turn your knees around and bring close your chest. Just like you are hugging your legs.
  • Keep your knees folded and remove your hands from the feet. Now place the palms on the ground.
  • Gently raise the hips slightly up. During this, your hip should be one to two inches above the ground. Stay in this situation until you feel comfortable till you feel comfortable. Repeat this posture three times.
  • You can also include this posture with other exercises.

Chair Pose

The chair pose is beneficial for the toning butt and hips. Apart from benefiting hips, this posture also strengthens the thighs, ankles, stretches the shoulders and opens the chest.

To practice, this posture, follow the below mention measures.

  1. Stand by the wall.
  2. Keep breathing deeply. Now join both hands together in the state of Namaste.
  3. Stand by the wall and in a squat position. During this inhale and exhale a deep breath. Do not bend down further in the first attempt. Bend as much as you can, especially when your waist is weak.
  4. Press your back on the wall, bend your legs and knees.
  5. Keep the foot straight on the floor. Keep on breathing deeply and stay in this state till you can do that.
  6. Repeat this posture three times. It helps in shaping your entire body in the right shape. In particular, thighs, hips, and waist.
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