What are the Yoga Poses to get rid of a Hangover

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While partying with friends on weekends people consume a large amount of alcohol, which causes hangover in the morning. Because of which the person face problem while working, due to exhaustion and headache. This problem of a hangover can be overcome by means of yoga. Yoga is better than medicine because it has no side effects. (Also read: Five Easy And Fun Yoga Poses For Children)

Let’s know about these yoga poses. Which can be easily done to get rid of a hangover.


When you do this asana, your mind and body both become calm. It also eliminates anxiety caused due to alcohol. This is a good stretching exercise for the problem of shoulder and spinal cord caused due to alcohol intake Also, kidneys and liver are stimulated so that the toxic substances are easily released. This yoga asana will provide you relief from a headache caused by a hangover.

Balasana Yoga

When you do Balasana, your body moves towards a gravitational pull. Thereby, it provides relief from physical, mental and emotional work. This pause relaxes the mind and body. As well as regular breathing and blood circulation. Which means the hangover is less. (Also read:  Five yoga poses for eliminating kidney stones)


This is the best yoga posture is to get rid of a hangover. This poses helps to calm both mind and body. Shavasana is the best yoga to overcome the exhaustion and anxiety caused by a hangover. This improves blood circulation throughout the body.


This is the best yoga to get rid of a hangover. By practising this the spinal cord gets the much-needed stretching. The toxins are also released from the liver and kidneys. When you breathe deeply while doing this yoga, you have oxygen in the head, which reduces the problem of a headache. (Also read: What Are The Benefits Of Restorative Yoga)

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