Which yoga poses can be practiced to calm down anger

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yoga poses done calm anger

When the person gets angry, the mind of the person stops working, and he does such things which may cause physical damage as well. Getting frequently mad over small things may be harmful to your mental health and personal relationships. But even after knowing all these losses many people can not control their anger and face consequences. But by doing some yoga while you are angry, you become mentally strong. Not just this the blood flow and blood pressure are balanced in the body so that you learn to control your anger. (Also read: Five yoga poses for eliminating kidney stones)

Let’s know about these yoga poses.

Ganesh Mudra

This yoga makes your mind calm and you can do it anytime. To do this, sit in a comfortable position and keep a palm outwards and one palm on your side. Now the fingers of both hands are well trapped in each other. Keep the waist straight and breathe deeply and leave slowly.

Virbhadra 3

To do this yoga, keep both legs around and stand up. Now, putting weight on the left foot, keep both hands together on the top of the head. Now move the torso forward and move the right leg backwards. During this yoga, keep the hands, waist and right leg in one direction. Now do this process with the other leg. (Also read: How Bhastrika Pranayama helps to lose weight)

Baddha Virabhadrasana

To do this yoga pose, keep the left leg straight on the back and turn the knee while keeping the right foot forward. Now join both hands behind the waist and try to bring the head close to the right ankle while tilting forward. Keep breathing slowly in this state.


Come to your knees to do this posture. Now try to touch both ankles with both hands inclined at the waist. When you touch the edges, keep breathing slowly and stop at this stage.

Anloom Vileom Pranayama

By doing this yoga, your blood pressure improves and the brain gets enough oxygen, which strengthens your mental health. To do this, sit in a comfortable position and keep the chest straight. Now close one nostril and take a deep breath. Then open the closed nostril and exhale. (Also read: Yoga Poses To Get Your Hips In Shape)

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