Which yoga postures are better then crunches

which yoga postures are better then crunches

It is well-known fact the regular practice of yoga is very good for health and fitness. The yoga increases the flexibility of the body and tones the muscles of the body. There many postures in the yoga which you can practice according to your fitness goals. The yoga helps in weight reduction and balances metabolism. Similarly, yoga can effectively work to strengthen the core muscles. There are some yoga postures which works better than crunches. For building abs crunches are one of best exercises but these yoga postures will give you better results. (Also read: The most effective yoga poses for men)

Here are the yoga postures which give you better results than crunches.

Downward Facing Dog

To practice this exercise, get onto your fours and from a bridge. After this lift your hips while exhaling. Form an inverted V-shape with the body while straightening your knees and elbows. Following this, press your hands to the ground and keep neck lengthened by touching the inner arms. Look at your navel and hold the position for some time. Take a long breath, and bend your knees and come back to the original position.

Arching Three-Legged Dog

Get down in the dog position while keeping both feet together so your toes are touching. After this raise your right leg in the air while keeping the left heel on the ground. This is three-legged dog pose. Following this, squeeze your right heel in toward your hip while lifting the knee high. Move head up and look towards your left shoulder while arching the spine. Think about moving your head and foot toward each other. Hold there for five breaths, keeping the belly still and breathing into the chest. (Also read: What Are The Yoga Poses To Reduce Chest Fat)

Warrior 1

To practice this posture, stand with your feet hip-distance apart and your arms at your sides. Then step your feet wide apart, about 4 to 5 feet. Slightly turn your left heel and keep your upper body straight. After this, fold your knee until it becomes parallel to the floor. The raise your arms in the air and join your palms together. Hold the position for five minutes.

Warrior 3

To practice this posture, get in the warrior 1 position and lean forward. After this lift your back leg off the ground. Make your body parallel to the floor. After this extend your arms away from you and engage in this posture for five breath.

One-Legged, Four-Limbed Staff

To practice this, get into the plank position. Then lift your left leg. After this step the right foot back while bending the elbows into a four-limbed staff. Hold the position for five breath. (Also read: How Yoga Poses Can Strengthen Your Relationship)

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