Which yoga poses help to beat the heat

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which yoga poses help to beat the heat

Sometimes temperature in summer season is not tolerable. The high temperature also drains the energy levels and you become more prone to health issues like heat stroke, sunburn and dehydration. There are many ways to protect yourself from heat. The consumption of water-based fruits and food will keep you hydrated, calm and cool. These fruits help you to feel light, fresh and at the same time supply essential nutrients to the body. Surprisingly, yoga can also help you to fight against the scorching heat. Some yoga poses help you to cool and calm down the body in sweltering heat. (Also read: Best yoga poses to increase the energy level in the body)

Let’s know which yoga helps you to beat the heat.

Sheetli Pranayam
This yoga helps to feel the cooling effect on your tongue and throat. To practice this yoga pose, sit in comfortable meditation posture. After this open your mouth and stretch your tongue outside the lips. Following this, roll your tongue both side so it forms a tube. After this inhale through the tongue and exhale through the nose. For better results repeat this for 10 times.

Sheetkari Pranayam
The position and tongue remain in this posture like Sheetli pranayama. In the posture, you have to inhale while your teeth are clenched. After taking a long breath hold and release through the nose. (Also read: What are the benefits of doing yoga barefoot)

Sun breaths
This yoga posture helps to calm down the mind with creating much sweat. To practice this yoga pose. Stand in a comfortable position while keeping feet together. After this reach your hands up overhead and keep palms in prayer position while inhaling. Following this exhale and fold back down. Now inhale to rise up and stand as you reach your hands up and out to the sides, finding a Prayer overhead. Come back to start position.

Things to Keep in Mind
These yoga poses are very beneficial in summers and people who are suffering from heat stroke. Moreover, you can also practice these yoga poses anytime in a day. (Also read: Which yoga poses to improve the immune system)

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