Which yoga poses improve the immune system

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which yoga pose improves immune system

Yoga is very beneficial to improve overall health and strength of the body. Moreover, it also improves flexibility and stretches the body completely. The yoga has been practised widely because it provides numerous health benefits. The people practice yoga according to there fitness goal. The yoga not only provides physical health benefits but also brings mental peace. The yoga has various postures which can be practised according to the goals. There are few yoga postures which help to improve the immune system. The immune system is body’s natural defence system. The strong immune system defends your body against invaders and keeps many diseases at bay. (Also read: What are the surprising health benefits of practising Yoga)

Let’s know about yoga poses which help to improve the immune system:

Downward Dog

The downward dog asana effectively improves the immune system. This yoga asana improves blood circulation and also clears the sinuses. Moreover, the yoga posture also helps to move white blood cells through the body. To practice this yoga posture, get in the kneeling position while hands directly under the shoulder. After this tuck your toes under and you push your body up, so only your hands and feet are on the mat. Following this, move your chest toward your thighs and your heels gently toward the floor. Then relax your head and neck and breathe fully.

Cat and Cow Breathing Exercise

The cat cow pose improves circulation and clear congestion in the bronchial region and sinuses. To practice this yoga posture, come in the position like downward dog pose, breathe deeply through your nose. While inhaling breath, lift and expand the front chest up and forward, elongate your throat. Also curve your middle spine downwards as you tuck in your tailbone. (Also read: How to perform Yoga Nidra and what are its health benefits)

Boat Pose

The yoga posture opens up the chest and also release and flow of white blood cells. To practice this yoga pose, lie on your back while feet together and arms beside your body. After this lift your chest and feet off ground and also stretch your arms towards your feet. Keep breathing while maintaining the pose.

Bridge Pose

The bridge pose opens and expands the chest. It also releases the tension in back hips and shoulder. To practice this yoga pose, lie on the back while drawing your feet inwards towards the hips. After this lift yourself up with your stomach going towards. Moreover, keep your hands supporting your back. (Also read: Effective yoga for reducing belly and back fat)

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