What are the Side effects of practicing wrong yoga postures

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What are the Side effects of practicing wrong yoga postures

Yoga has many health benefits. The regular practising of yoga improves you emotionally, mentally and also helps to stay fit. But due to wrong yoga practices, the body can also be harmed. There are many such yogas, such as Saranganjasan, Trikonasana, Dhanrassan and some others, which are difficult to do. So if you are having difficulty doing any asana or do not know the right way to do it then do not practice it, because even though yoga can solve your problem, if you do wrong, then it can increase the problem. (Also read: Three yoga postures for stronger legs)

Let’s know side effects of practising yoga in a wrong way.

Back pain and slip disc

Yoga like Bitilasan and Marjarsasan help reduce your back pain and other problems. If this yoga is done incorrectly then this Yoga asana can also be a cause of a severe backache. (Also read: Five effective yoga postures to reduce belly fat quickly)

Sprain in the heel

Yoga like Ardha Chandrasana, Malasana and Sapta Virasana put pressure on your ankles and if it is done incorrectly, then they can seriously injure your ankles.

Sprain or pain in the neck

Setu Bandhasana and Matsyasana are such yoga postures in which the neck movements are involved. It requires bowing and turning of the neck and if you make a mistake during these exercises, then you can face sprain and pain in the neck.

Strain in the muscles

Many yoga postures are performed in such way that there is a pull in the muscles. Dhanurasana, Causa Bandha Sarvarajasan, Dolphin Pose, Salabasana and Sphinx Pose Yoga are such yoga postures that stretch the muscles. Therefore whenever you practice these Yoga postures, it is important to know the correct methods of doing this, or else it will start to cause muscular pain. (Also read: Easy yoga exercises which one can practice every day)

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