What are the Health benefits of Chandra Namaskar

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health benefits of chandra namaskar

The yoga is very good for health. It also improves the overall fitness and strength of the body. The people practice yoga early morning like Surya Namaskar. You will always have heard about Surya Namaskar, but do you know about Chandra Namaskar? It has many moves from right to left while Surya namaskar has 12 moves. The effects of doing Chandra Namaskar is different from Surya Namaskar. It calms the body and prepares it for good sleep. In Chandra Namaskar comprises of many yoga asanas like Puraka, Kumbaka, and Rekakhya. (Also read: How Yoga Poses Can Strengthen Your Relationship)

Let’s know about the health benefits Chandra Namaskar.


Chandra Namaskar makes the body energetic and also improves the body balance. If you feel stress, then Chandra Namaskar helps in accelerating your energy. It is beneficial to do it in the light of the moon.


The Chandra Namaskar helps to strengthen the thigh, pelvis and ankles muscles with stretching. This strengthens the lower part of the body, especially. It also helps in activating the root cycle. (Also read: What Are The Yoga Poses To Reduce Chest Fat)

Removes stress

Chandra Namaskar is very beneficial for people suffering from stress. It helps to balance the energy before you get tired. If you go to yoga school and greet the moon, then meditation is performed before and after the moon greetings, as well as for every pose you chant different mantras.

Builds balance

Chandra Namaskar also balancing the digestion, tone the spinal cord, expands the lungs and also improves the cardiovascular system. Along with this, blood circulation improves, spinal nerves are stimulated, waist and leg muscles stretch. Therefore improves the flexibility. (Also read: What are the yoga poses that can help you to get rid of migraine)

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