What Are The Benefits Of Restorative Yoga

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What Are The Benefits Of Restorative Yoga

Yoga has taken the world of fitness by storm. Every kind of yoga has its own poses, philosophy and benefits. Restorative yoga is a completely different kind. True to its name, this yoga focuses on restoration of the body.  It helps the person who is practising it to relax. Therefore it uses passive stretching as a method to open up the body to unknot the stress and tension. (Also read: What Are Some Of The Most Common Myths About Yoga)

How to perform restorative yoga
Restorative yoga doesn’t include difficult or dynamic exercises. It makes the use of props such as blankets, sheets, towels, chairs etc. Anything that can help a yogi to develop a deep sense of relaxation and comfort. As a result, every yoga pose in this yoga strives to remove the strain of the muscles. The basic pose like legs on the wall is as simple as it sounds.

However, it must be noted that body can turn sore after the first day of stretching.  Which is why props are used to help through the process. In the whole session, only 4 or 5 poses are there. The effect on them on the body is almost like magic. The body relaxes and unknots the stress with little efforts. The effect on them on the body is almost like magic. The body relaxes and unknots the stress with little efforts. (Also read: What are the yoga poses for knee pain relief)

Benefits of the Restorative yoga

  • Restorative yoga helps the body to move at its natural pace and gives it the chance to explore and reunite with the soul.
  • The slow pace also helps to soothe the nervous system. It generates a calming effect that reaches the entire cellular system. The sense of self-awareness and introspection increases due to the slow pace of the process.
  • This yoga affects the entire body but heart and lungs make the most of it as it provides a sense of healing and comfort. Deep breathing and slow relaxing poses help in removing stress and anxiety.
  • It helps to achieve the highest aspiration of a yogi, uniting the soul with the divine calling. It is the way using which the yogi is able to achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance in life.
  • With its gentle approach and healing philosophy, it helps everyone who is looking for a way to find peace and balance in life. (Also read: Five Yoga Asanas To Stay Young)
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