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International Yoga Day 2018: 30-minutes yoga for amazing health benefits

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International Yoga Day 2018: 30-minutes yoga for amazing health benefits

International Yoga Day 2018: Photo credits: momentumbodyworkandmassage.com

International Yoga Day 2018: Yoga is the best way to maintain your health. It helps us to have a sound body and mind. However, most people fail to find the time in their daily schedule to devote to yoga. Most yoga poses and exercises are time-consuming but there is a way out for this. Thirty minutes yoga is the best way to seek the benefits of yoga in limited time. There are varieties of yoga styles that help to get amazing results of yoga in limited time. These 30 minutes yoga methods focus on efficient outcomes in limited. These thirty minutes of yoga techniques contain amazing health benefits.

Child’s pose yoga

This yoga helps to release stress from shoulders and waist. It helps in case of breathing problem. It also helps with the circulation of blood. Follow this for 5 minutes. (Also read: What Are The Benefits Of Restorative Yoga)

Easy pose yoga

This yoga pose relaxes the mind and strengthens the spine. It improves the body posture. This pose massages the calf muscles and keeps you energetic. (Also read: What Are Some Of The Most Common Myths About Yoga)

Downward facing yoga pose

This pose helps to strengthen chest, hands, shoulders and legs’ muscles. It increases the capacity of lungs which helps to reduce headaches. Do this yoga for two minutes.

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose increases your energy and strengthens for knees. It makes the spine more flexible and reduces the pain. Stay in this pose for 12 seconds and repeat it for 10 minutes. Do this yoga for 2 minutes.

Triangle pose

The triangle pose helps to get rid of the problem of indigestion. It helps to keep the kidneys healthy. It is a great yoga method to lose weight when it comes to thighs and waist. This pose is an excellent way to reduce stress. It helps to improve mental health. Stay in this pose for thirty seconds and do this pose for two minutes. (Also read: What are the yoga poses for knee pain relief)

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