What are the yoga poses that can help you to get rid of migraine

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What are the yoga poses that can help you to get rid of migraine problem

Headaches from a migraine are more intense than general headaches. Problems like nausea and dizziness often accompany a migraine. The Migraine can also be cured in a few hours but it can last for a few days as well. Yoga is quite beneficial in the case of a migraine. Because the most prominent cause of a migraine is stress. Therefore yoga is effective in reducing the pain caused by a migraine. (Also read: Amazing facts about yoga and it’s benefits)


The Balasan improves the flexibility in the body. Balasan helps calm your nervous system and helps to reduce migraine pain. Those who have pain in the knees should not practice this posture. Sit down at a quiet place first. Now, bend the legs and sit on the ankles and hinge the upper part of your body on the thighs. After this, keep your head down on the ground and keep both of your hands backwards.

these yoga poses help you to get rid of migraine problem
Setubandhasan helps you to overcome the anxiety and tension. Stress is considered to be the biggest cause of a migraine. Apart from this, doing this posture gives strength to your muscles so that your pain is relieved. To practice this posture, first, lie down on the ground with the backs. Keep your legs straight, twist Keep a distance of at least 10 to 12 inches between the two legs. Now lift the bottom of your back upwards. Take both of your hands backwards and keep them on the ground. (Also read: How yoga helps in giving up the problem of constipation)

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward Facing Dog Pose, which we also call as the Vajrasan, keeps your mind calm and helps keep the stress and depression away. The low self-esteem increases the flow of blood in our brain and relieves the headache. To do this posture first join your hands and knees. Then lift your buttocks upward and keep in mind that while kneeling in this process, keep your knees straight. Both your fingers should be on the ground.

these yoga poses help you to get rid of migraine problem
Shavasana controls your blood pressure. It also helps to overcome the problem of inadequate sleep. It helps you to keep you physically and mentally healthy. Lack of sleep is also a major reason for a migraine, so this asana is an effective way of reducing the problem of a migraine. To do this posture, first lie down on the ground on the ground. Keep both of your hands on the floor. Keep in mind that your hands are towards the ground. Stay in this condition for at least 5 to 30 minutes. (Also read: Three yoga postures for stronger legs)

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